• Megobang

    (My role: UX researcher, UI designer)
  • Readful_U

    Low vision seriously impedes people from performing daily tasks especially reading. Readful-U is a mobile application with an attachable stand that helps people with low vision to read easily. It mainly targets the elderly patients since they are the primary group affected. Furthermore, users will be engaged in wider social interactions through inviting people to read for them. Built on current reading assistant technologies, Readful-U steps into the blank space to make audio assistance a vivid interaction between people rather than with a machine generated voice. The user-centered design process is featured with parallel designs, primary user research, contextual inquiry, prototyping, user testing, and iterations. Going beyond the common functions of current reading assistant devices, Readful-U specially caters for the emotional and social needs of low vision patients in an innovative and cost-effective way. (My role: UX researcher, UI designer)
  • Chinezeal

    "Chinezeal" is a set of flash cards which is designed especially for the foreigners who are willing to learn Chinese. The Chinese language has always been regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn, not only because of its complex structure, but also the morphosyllabic writing system. My motivation for developing Chinezeal comes from my personal experience. When I was a kid, my father sent me to a calligraphy class. I was fascinated with so many different kinds of scripts, such as Kaishu, Running, Cursive ... Each of them has its unique charm. Now, as a professional designer, I realize that I should spread this beauty across the world.  Compare to the traditional approach of rote learning, I basically use illustration to help foreign learners recognize Chinese characters. "Chinezeal” starts with simple characters, followed by meaning- or shape-related ones, so that learners can study many new characters and words on their own. In this way, even foreign learners will be able to learn and remember hundreds of Chinese characters gradually with ease. Therefore, the beginning learners will not feel boring and daunting, and Chinese learning will be a totally fresh experience! (My role: Graphic designer)
  • P.O.Toolkit

    Participant observation, as an important part of ethnographic research methods, could guide design researcher to obtain empathy and understand people in depth. The "Participant Observation Toolkit" itself contains the following information: what is participant observation, why we need it, time and location for doing it, key informant, skills, ethical guidelines and the procedure for conducting it. The participant observation card set includes all the elements the researchers need to pay attention to their target population in the fields, such as appearance, human traffic and personal space etc. (My role: Ethnographic researcher, Graphic designer)
  • P’Pop

    "P’Pop" is a holographic display that uses the minimal material to create the maximum 3D experience. "P’Pop" is paper structured and iPad adaptable, and it could be used in various retail spaces and events.  The display offers a unique opportunity to integrate a physical product with a cool animation. This product gives an unparalleled visual experience, which can create stop-effect and increased sales. (My role: Product designer)  
  • Access For All

    I'm the designer and producer in our team. I worked with the team to identify our partners's problems, brainstorming the solutions, framing the insights to generate wireframes and flow charts, and iterate our prototypes to fulfil the expectations of our partners. Please visit us at: http://accessforall.disabilityconnect.org   (My role: UX researcher, UI designer)
  • Bottle +

    As a modular containers set,  "Bottle+" is space efficient and flexible. It is designed for people who want to use their own shower products during the journey or after the gym.  Each "Bottle+" consists of several modular units (50ml/unit), which could be separated or locked together by the dovetail joints between each other. It is convenient for people to fill the containers with their shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, facial cleanser etc. These containers can be combined together and easily carried in one hand. On the trip, the "Bottle+" can be safely taken on board.  Additionally, for the visually impaired or blind people, there is a relevant braille on the cap of each bottle to help them discern between the different shower products. (My role: Product designer; 2013 Red Dot Award Finalist)
  • CNN Space

    This project was helping CNN to build a mobile space for people to experience being anchors in the simulated CNN studio. The purpose of this project was on the one hand, to expand the brand image of CNN, on the other hand, to get the data of more people and promote the new CNN products and services to the potential consumers. We designed this experience by analysing the user journey and service blueprint. With these guidelines, internally, we make every parts in our team work more effectively; externally, we provided people a smooth and joyful experience in the CNN space. (My role: Service designer)
  • DGun

    By combining physical toys with digital mobile games, "DGun" provides a unique play experience for both kids and adult players. The Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables the players to get a complete immersion in the shooting games. Furthermore, people can buy "DGun" online and download the specific app for free. (My role: Product designer)
  • Mini Kithcen

    (My role: User researcher, Product designer)
  • Readoll

    Reading traditional paper books is becoming rare for nowadays kids. The iPads and other interactive electronics make them more fastidious about the reading experience. "Readoll" is designed for changing this situation by connecting the physical books with digital applications. The lens group inside the "Readoll" can refract the light and display the images of physical books on the iPad even they are in the same horizontal plane. Every time when kids flip the pages, the content within the paper books will generate relevant interactive games and animations on the iPad. Such a magical experience will encourage kids to explore more fun in the traditional books. (My role: UX researcher, UI designer, Product designer)
  • Touch Shower

    "Touch Shower" is a breakthrough concept for bathroom design. The new product will bring people refreshing shower experience. The stereotyped ways of shower has always include regulating various kinds of manipulators, changing the shower head flow, and controlling the temperatures since the industrial society. However, with the advent of the digital age, people have a brand new idea about the interaction styles between human and products. "Touch Shower" transplants people’s shared knowledge of touch-screen and creates personalized elements of shower, and eventually breaks the stereotype with more interactive and interesting experience. (My role: UX designer, Product designer)