Hi, I’m Kai!


Kai is an Experience designer and Ethnographic researcher. Before coming to Ann Arbor, MI, Kai has been working 

on product development, user experience design in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong for 6 years. Kai interests in 

"experience design" from a broad scope. Besides computer/mobile interface, he believes that the interaction among

 people, organizations and societies are also full of potential to explore.

Kai is passionate about adopting a human-centerd design and integrative design approaches to explore the reasons 

behind complex problems, and then synthesis and conceptualise the research insights which lead to system innovation

 and social impact. Kai enjoys working with multi-disciplinary teams and engaging stakeholders with various backgrounds.

Kai loves running and traveling, he believes that perseverance and exploration will make life hold weight.

You can reach him at kaiyu1986 at gmail.com, or his LinkedIn page.